Technology and jobs are changing at an increasingly rapid rate. To thrive in the future workforce, the community in the Peel region will need to be more multi-skilled, and jobs will need us all to have skills and knowledge in Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Mathematics, or ‘ESTEAM’.

In Peel, passionate people who want to see a bright future for the region’s community, environment and economy are coming together to inspire people to be more interested and engaged in ESTEAM. Together, we have formed a new initiative - Peel Bright Minds.

We believe that by being more curious and engaged in ESTEAM, our community can be better prepared to regularly up-skill, re-skill and change jobs. We also want to see our community use their knowledge to benefit the region’s natural environment, community and economy.

Peel Bright Minds will work with the community and our partner organisations to communicate, coordinate and promote regional activities and events, to:

  • Promote ESTEAM and connect the community, especially young people, to activities and opportunities in the region, including citizen science opportunities.
  • Encourage an aspirant culture among people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities in the Peel, celebrating our unique regional strengths through science and the arts.
  • Facilitate collaboration among regional stakeholders, especially ESTEAM champions and researchers.