Pictured: Recognised as the 2018 Science Communicator of the Year, Steve Fisher is passionate about educating others about science and the environment in the Peel region. 


Hear from 2018 Science Communicator of the Year, Steve Fisher, about his passion for science and what the Peel ESTEAM Awards mean to him...


Describe yourself in one sentence:

I am a scientist who is passionate about understanding and protecting the natural environment, especially rivers and estuaries.


Why did you get involved in ESTEAM?

I loved science at school, especially chemistry and physics and followed this passion through university and various jobs to eventually make a career out of science.


What does ESTEAM mean to you?

ESTEAM is where the discipline and rigour of engineering, mathematics and scientific method intersects with the creativity of the arts and entrepreneurship. The creativity of music, literature and the fine arts, and the lateral thinking of entrepreneurs gives us new ways of thinking about the way things work, while discovering through science gives inspiration for creative works and ventures.


What did winning a 2018 Peel ESTEAM Award mean to you? Has it helped you in any way?

Winning this award was a thrill for me. As Science Advisor at the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council, I try to get around to as many different parts of the community as I can to spread the word of the great science and research projects happening in the Peel Region. I am passionate about science especially when it is applied to better understand and protect our wonderful natural environment. Being able to share this with the community is reward enough on its own, so to also receive recognition through this award is an unexpected bonus for me.

I believe that if you can’t explain what you are doing to someone else then you don’t truly understand what you are doing yourself. To be recognised through these awards as an effective communicator gives me confidence that I know what I am talking about.


What was your favourite part of the ESTEAM Awards in 2018?

There was a lot of positive energy at the 2018 ESTEAM awards. It was great to have so many people present who were so passionate about ESTEAM.


What advice do you have for someone wanting to get involved in ESTEAM?

If you live in the Peel Region, contact Peel Bright Minds who will link you up with the various programs for teachers, young leaders and citizen scientists. If joining is not your thing, just follow your passion for ESTEAM through seeking out knowledge and devouring it.



Nominations for the 2019 Peel ESTEAM Awards are open now and close on the 13th of May. Head over to peelesteamawards.com.au to nominate a local ESTEAM Champion today!