Pictured: One of the specimens Lili encountered at Science Camp. 


Blog by Lilijana Nicholls 


As a someone who completely loves science, I was excited to hear via attending a Peel Bright Minds event last year that such a thing as science camp existed! 


The Conoco Phillips Science Experience (I’ll call it science camp for short) is held every year for years 9 & 10 students at multiple universities during the beginning of the September holidays. The camp aims to give students who are interested in science a range of fascinating science activities run by scientists and professors who love their jobs! It aims to provide students with greater knowledge of various scientific fields and occupations.


I am a year 10 student, and I was fortunate to be sponsored by the Rotary Club of Mandurah to attend the camp late last year. I wanted to go because I love science and it sounded really fun and hands on, which isn’t something you always get with a lot of science activities or programs.


Before the camp, I was excited about the activities that we would get to do, and about making new friends with similar interests to me. I was thrilled to have the chance to be doing some hands-on activities in many different scientific fields, and to access the resources we would get to use during the camp.


The highlight of camp for me was a facial reconstruction activity, which was really fun as we got to reconstruct a face bit-by–bit using clay (red for the muscles and white for the skin) and other parts of the face. We also learned about what you could find out about a person just by looking at their skull, such as the size of their eye sockets and the shape of their jaw.


"we work better as a team and need many fields of science to be able to solve problems and move towards a better future."


Science Camp has shown me the kinds of things that forensic scientists do in the fields and how long it takes for them to piece these things together. It also shows me how different fields of science fit together, how we work better as a team and need many fields of science to be able to solve problems and move towards a better future.


About the Author:

Lilijana is a year 10 student from Mandurah who studies STEM, Music, Drama and Art at school, along with her core subjects. She really loves science (especially chemistry) and aspires to become a forensicist with the police force. Lilijana volunteers with Peel Bright Minds and is also a part of the Youth on Leadership group. In her spare time, she loves to sing, attend science events in the community, and play netball.