Communication and Events Officer Cassie is most at home amongst the trees. 

Pictured: Communication and Events Officer Cassie is most at home amongst the trees. 



When and why did you first join Peel Bright Minds?

I first joined Peel Bright Minds as a volunteer at the start of 2018. I volunteered at different times throughout the year, mainly assisting with the inaugural ESTEAM Awards. I am passionate about science and maths and love encouraging others to engage in these subjects. The events that Peel Bright Minds run are really diverse and so are super interesting to both organise and attend.


What do you currently do at Peel Bright Minds?

My official role with Peel Bright Minds is as the Communications and Events Officer. I am completing this role as an internship through the McCusker Centre for Citizenship at UWA. The Centre helps connect students seeking practical, real-world experience with organisations that have a positive impact on the community, with the aim of fostering caring, connected and socially engaged citizens. I love that this internship enables me to continue to do the volunteering work that inspires me while gaining credit towards my degree at the same time.

The main part of my role is organising the Peel ESTEAM Awards for 2019. I had so much fun helping with them last year and am super excited to bring them back, bigger, better and brighter than before. Other parts of my role include helping with other events, writing blog posts and producing some of the content you see on our social media. I am excited to be Peel Bright Mind’s first intern and am hoping that others will get the same opportunity in the future.


What are you studying?

I am a Fogarty Foundation Scholar in my 4th year studying a Bachelor of Philosophy majoring in Botany at the University of Western Australia. People often ask me why I study botany and my reply is that I just really love trees. I always knew growing up I wanted to do something science-related and the science of plants seemed a perfect fit. I am also passionate about sustainability, the environment and education, and hope to pursue a career that allows me to combine all three.


What PBM event are you most looking forwards to this year?

I am super excited for the Peel ESTEAM Awards this year (though I may be biased since I am running them!). It was so inspiring to see all the finalists and winners last year and this year is going to be no different.


What are you most curious about in 2019?

Trees and numbers. Although I consider myself a scientist at heart, my first true love is maths. I find it all so interesting (especially algebra) and it is really satisfying when you understand it. I also find the way that maths interacts with the other parts of ESTEAM fascinating. Maths can be found in pretty cool ways in art and science. Fractals are as beautiful as they are mind-boggling, while there is some pretty astounding maths that can be found in nature as well, such as the Golden Spiral found in sunflowers.