Pictured: Volunteer Suzanne has a passion for geology and enjoys exploring the outdoors with her family.



When and why did you first join Peel Bright Minds?

I joined PBM back at the beginning. I heard Charlie being interviewed on the radio and jumped at the chance to be involved. The Peel Region is a special place to me and I wanted young people here to have the same opportunities that those close the ESTEAM hub of central Perth have. Mandurah and Peel may be known for beaches, weekends away, crabbing and a relaxed lifestyle, but living amongst us are some really fascinating scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs. I couldn’t wait to be part of it all and showcase the wonderful things going on.


What do you do as a volunteer with Peel Bright Minds?

I mostly write science blogs for the Peel Bright Minds website. One challenge I love is taking something complex and confusing, and maybe perceived as a bit nerdy, and presenting it in a way that makes it exciting and accessible to everyone, or every age. No subject is boring when presented by someone with a passion for it. I enjoy meeting and chatting with those people, and hope to pass on their passion to our community.


What is your favourite part of volunteering for Peel Bright Minds?

Meeting all the fascinating people and engaging with our community brings me genuine joy!


What is your background? 

I am a geoscientist by trade, following my love of studying the Earth and how it formed. Western Australia is a great place to explore the landforms and past geological events. We even have a few sites of special geological interest right here in the Peel Region.

Originally from the UK, I travelled the world working in the resources industry for a decade. I had been working in Australia for only a few months when I met my now-husband and we moved to the sunny seaside in Mandurah to live happily ever after.

Nowadays I spent my time writing our family hiking and adventure blog Keeping Up With Little Joneses.


What are some of your favourite parts of ESTEAM?

For me, there is nothing more exciting than learning about the latest scientific discovery, or groundbreaking feat of engineering. We have learned so much during past centuries but in the world of ESTEAM, there is so much more to learn. 

Geology truly is my passion so I focus mostly on our Earth and the story that our landscape can tell us. It amazes me how we find hints and clues to huge events like continental collisions and mass extinctions all around us, if we just know how to spot them. Geology is like a giant puzzle and we’re still finding all the pieces.


What PBM event are you most looking forwards to this year?

I am most looking forward to the ESTEAM Awards ceremony in June as I know I'll get to meet so many inspiring people, and learn about all the incredible working going on locally.


What are you most curious about in 2019?

I am curious to see what the future holds in store for the Peel Region. I am forever impressed with the ingenuity and creativity of the people here and with the ongoing support offered by various organisations, I think that we are on the brink of something truly special. I have lived in a lot of places but never come across one that is so supportive of people creating a new way to work. I have never seen so many people set independently to start a business, identify holes in the market place, and jump at opportunities.

Our world today is very much global and with the support and inspiration of organisations such at Peel Bright Minds, I can see the young leaders of tomorrow create businesses, develop new technology, use creative thinking to further our understanding in the sciences, and all from right here. It is an exciting time for all of us!