In celebration of National Science Week, we tagged along on some fieldwork and visited the lab at John Tonkin College to learn about and capture the story of local aquaculture initiative, Black Bream Project.

On the 18th of August, we held an event to premiere the film. It was so much fun to showcase the Black Bream Project on the big screen and chat to the champions making it happen. We delved into science, fish, transferrable skills and making a difference through science.

Dr Steve Fisher and Dr Alan Cottingham brought us up to speed on the science and the teacher-student dream team from John Tonkin College showed us that the future of the Murray River is in safe hands.

Black Bream are an important fish to recreational fishers and the ecosystem. They complete their whole life cycle in the river in which they are born, meaning their home is their home forever, therefore it is so important that we make sure they have a sustainable habitat in the Murray River and Peel Harvey Estuary.

During the project, John Tonkin College transformed a classroom into an aquaculture laboratory where they grow algae and rotifers for food. Murdoch University scientists prepared about 5,000 juvenile black bream for release into the Murray River. While the Peel Harvey Catchment Council monitored the survival rate of the aquaculture bream.

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