Peel Bright Minds Theory of Change

This month marks the start of a refreshed direction for Peel Bright Minds. COVID-19 and the necessary physical distancing restrictions have put a halt on events and in-person activities, but Peel Bright Minds will continue to connect with the community online.


Soon, the Peel community and beyond will be able to access online content that promotes the value of STEM at the touch of a button.


The Industry Insights Tours will be available as a series on YouTube with each video featuring a different Peel-based company innovating in their chosen STEM field.


Our new podcast, Curious Conversations will interview STEM-related experts and delve into their story, celebrating STEM achievements and connecting listeners with the possibilities of STEM in application.


As our theory of change outlines, the nature of work and technology is rapidly changing but only a small percentage of the community is engaged or have a positive perception of STEM. Therefore, to create a community that is curious, inspired to up-skill and knowledgeable in STEM we must connect young people to opportunities, promote the value of STEM and celebrate and communicate regional strengths and activities.


We’re looking forward to connecting, educating and celebrating STEM innovation through online content.