Have you heard or even said that yourself before?

You may have noticed that students and adults have very real fears about their mathematical abilities, a mindset that often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy leading people to handle even simple math problems poorly.

But the truth is... "I DON'T DO MATHS" people will go further if they say yes to tackling number problems.

The future workforce requires flexible, adaptable thinkers - so learning how to learn is essential.

Lessons learned from math struggles give students a huge leg up because they know how to persevere and keep pushing through. Plus, math is everywhere. Math is used in all sorts of fields - for example, fractions and music go hand-in-hand. Think - rhythmic patterns, time signatures, and the length of notes in musical pieces. Math intersects with computer science, law, entrepreneurship, cooking... the list goes on.

So next time you or your students/friends/kids feel the burden of an equation... don't freak out - try and embrace the challenge and turn a negative relationship with mathematics into a positive one. A great place to start would be our podcast, Curious Conversations.


We have a podcast episode on this exact topic starring educator and entrepreneur, Michelle Wong.


The epsiode '1+1=Burpees' is a curious conversation about overcoming a fear of maths. We chat about why math problems trigger anxiety in some people and what we can do to overcome barriers. Michelle provides listeners an insight into how she enables school students to see maths as something that can be fun and interesting using a growth mindset.

You can find the epsiode on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.