Patrick is the owner and mastermind beekeeper of Dinkum Honey. He is so passionate about bees that he can field almost any question and talk for days about the behaviour of his golden girls. Patrick oversees the production and retail of honey, pollen, beeswax and honeycomb. He also breeds queens, continuously refining temperament and productivity. In this episode, Patrick runs us through his journey in becoming a beekeeper, how queens are bred and the process of creating that oh so delicious honey. To learn more about Patrick jump over to the Dinkum Honey Facebook. The Curious Conversations is a podcast by Peel Bright Minds. Presenter and producer Skipper van Peer asks guests simple questions about their STEM-related careers, passions or area of expertise. The Peel Jobs and Skills Centre offers a range of information and services around training and career development. If something from this episode sparked your interest we encourage you to get in touch with the JSC on 8 9586 7411.