Bottlenose Dolphin - Photo by darin ashby on Unsplash

Blog by Charlie Jones 


With the help of the WA Branch of the Australian Science Communicators at a recent workshop, I've learned some new skills and recently tried my hand at podcasting! I really enjoyed learning new skills in audio recording, interviewing and audio editing, and you can now listen to the resulting podcast.  

In the podcast, I have a chat with Steve Fisher, the Science Advisor at the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council about the new Mandurah Dolphin Watch. This is a citizen science app where participants can receive a little training and then can record data to help monitor and understand our local dolphin population. Thanks very much to Steve and colleagues at PHCC for helping out with the podcast! Thanks also to Andrew McKenzie, who helped me a lot with the sound design and editing. 

Have a listen here: 

There are also some other great science podcasts available in the same playlist that were made by other people who attended the podcasting workshop. 

If you're interested to learn more about Dolphin Watch, download the Fin Guide and keep an eye out for upcoming training sessions on the River Guardians website: