• Future of Food

    Oct 11, 2018    152
    Xanthe writes about microbes, ionising knives and her thoughts on trying truffles in this post about the 'Future of Food' event recently hosted in Man ...
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  • Learning and growing

    Sep 17, 2018    99
    Suzanne writes about our recent Science Cafe event featuring speakers Phoebe Spencer and Dr Gail Alvares. ...
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  • Citizen Science Spectacular!

    Aug 28, 2018    549
    Young science enthusiast Arvin Nair on Fireballs in the Sky and Mildew Mania, topics at one of our Science Cafe events for National Science Week. ...
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  • Podcast: Watch out for dolphins!

    Aug 15, 2018    66
    Have a listen to our first ever podcast, which is about the new citizen science initiative Mandurah Dolphin Watch. ...
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  • Celebrating ESTEAM Champions

    Jul 28, 2018    56
    Peel Bright Minds' inaugural ESTEAM Awards were held in June - read more from ESTEAM Awards judge Cassie Howell. ...
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  • Full ESTEAM ahead!

    Feb 13, 2018    63
    Introducing Peel Bright Minds. Launched in February 2018, a new initiative for the Peel region formed with the knowledge that Peel people will need to ...
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